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Who are the most successful early-stage startup investors in Europe? Browse a list of the Venture Capitalists and identify investor contacts. Who are the ecosystem builders behind the most successful startup programs like Seedcamp, Entrepreneurs First, Station F or Oxford Innovation. Identify the leaders of the startup world and understand who is running the most prominent incubators and accelerators. In this way you can get contacts of early-stage investors, startup accelerators and their networks of business angels from United Kingdom to Germany.

The filter options allow you to search the list of investors and accelerator managers by City, job description or organization name. You can for example generate a list of investors in London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam or Barcelona with just a few clicks. While you are at it, you might want to search all incubator managers in CEE or list who works at Techstars, Seedcamp or Station F.

Our Heatmap Startup List with a full startup database with even more analysis of technology companies can be downloaded here.


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Each city profile holds statistics on startup hubs, numbers on investments, popularity, international connections, female entrepreneurship, scale-up successes, exits as well as current calls for applications, tech conferences, accelerator programs, incubators, public grants, as well as competitions and prizes for startups and scale-ups.