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This list of the best startup accelerators in Europe helps you find the ideal startup program to raise funding. Moreover, you can rank or filter by total investments raised, female participation or follow-on funding rates. Important to note, the recommendations of top startup programs come from real founder opinions collected in the Heatmap survey. Additionally, these are matched with statistics on follow-on funding, international origins of entrepreneurs and diversity data.

See who are the most successful startups in the top accelerator programs as well as incubators and see statistics on their portfolio companies. For instance, what is the follow-on funding rate and how many foreign-born entrepreneurs participate? Additionally, you can find out what is the percentage of female founders among startups and what are the leading startup programs in CEE, which accelerators in the UK are taking in most founders, and what university incubator offers the best conditions? Find the top programs for FinTech, BioTech, or machine learning startups across Europe.

The filters allow you to choose accelerators with the most international batches, the stongest fintech or sustainability focus. Just click on “see all filters” to check all available metrics or start typing a filter name into the filter search bar. As a startup scout you can download the list of all portfolio companies of these accelerators here.

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Each city profile holds statistics on startup hubs, numbers on investments, popularity, international connections, female entrepreneurship, scale-up successes, exits as well as current calls for applications, tech conferences, accelerator programs, incubators, public grants, as well as competitions and prizes for startups and scale-ups.