We believe in the power of Women Impact Startup Founders in diversifying the startup ecosystem landscape.  ​

What we found out later on after being a member of so many women in tech groups is that there are so many other women who lack confidence to put themselves out there and pitch.  Due to all the bias women and people of colour face, it does affect their confidence.  

*Even when applying for a job, Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

With WE Founders Initiative, we want to change this and get more women impact startup founders to pitch often by building their confidence in a safe and supportive environment and help with their business development.  

We will do this by running hackathons and cohorts to get more women to work on their social impact business ideas.  The women will then join our supportive global community to build their network.  And also getting mentored and coached to help further their startup journey.

WE Founders will give the women in the program more visibility by pitching in front of impact investors on our Demo Days. We know that this works because research shows that initiatives like this for employees have improved their confidence and career progression. 

We are now working on building the WE Founders cohort programme and will start organising a hackathon for January 2022 where most of the participants will join our 1st WE Founders Cohort in February 2022.

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Dublin, Ireland

Female entrepreneurship

Founded 08.10.2019

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Leyla F Karaha

Leyla F Karaha

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