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DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator | #GEN1 Portfolio

A program made for motivated ecosystems and builders

Bridging the ecosystem comes from an holistic approach to. factually, bridge ecosystems for a tech event. Smaller ecosystems suffer from the size and attractiveness of global hubs. Everyone wants to visit and connect with its stakeholders, but what if shouldn’t be like that? With a structured and flexible approach, one can develop a long term program to develop valuable relationships between two small / medium sized ecosystems, producing a win-win growth due to freedom of movement of startups and increased cross border investments. “Bridging the ecosystems” provides an easy to use tool to provide a role to different stakeholders (partnership offers), and a clear vision to build bridges between ecosystems.

Copenhagen, Denmark

rural areas and internationalization

Founded 01.01.2021

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Nicklas Pavoncelli

Nicklas Pavoncelli

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