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ECOSYSTEM Data for Oslo

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Evan J. Andriopoulos, CEO of Visiple

based in Jessheim, Norway

“Visiple is a startup that focuses on developing and distrbuting relevant communication and collaboration technology. Visiple has chosen Jessheim as it is a fast growing small town, many of it´s residents commute 45-90 minutes to work which makes it ideal for test users. There is a small startup and innovation environment that I believe will grow tremendously as the small city continues to evolve. Jessheim is 10 minutes from Gardermoen (Main Airport in Norway) and from 45 minutes from most major companies in Norway that are based in greater Oslo. Visiple always has prided itself as being “on the top of the wave of change” and Jessheim along with New London County, Connecticut (our other hub) are the places we feel are best for our growing company.”

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