Local Ecosystems can help you

Source Startups & Promote your Calls

Global Reach & Local Execution

We collaborate with the leading early-stage investors and support organizations around Europe to enable high-quality cross-border sourcing of pre-Series A stage startups. Quality is paramount in early-stage innovation scouting and therefore we only work with personally vetted experts with superb local connections and knolwedge. We coordinate up to 20 local scouts for any project and make sure to evaluate each proposed startup.

  • Secure a first-mover advantage by tapping into local knowledge
  • Define a detailed search profile for early-stage pre-Series A startups and approve every lead
  • Access full list of >7,000 curated startups working with leading startup supporters across Europe
  • Get an in-depth analysis and first-hand insights from local experts familiar with the lead
  • Benefit from well prepared startups who know what you are looking for

Unparalleled Community Access

Promotion via Europe-wide publications is often less effective than via local outlets, however until now accessing a large volume of local communities has been burdensome. We work with local ecosystem builders to open their social media channels and newsletters to international opportunities. Book once and access dozens of local channels as if you worked with a global media house.

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If you are an Ecosystem Builder yourself and like to work with us, please contact us here