Deadline: 5th October

LATAM Startup ECOSYSTEM Accelerator with GIZ

Startups promise fast, innovative and scalable solutions for social, environmental or health challenges. It is important for GIZ to mobilize this innovative potential in order to contribute to sustainable development. GIZ through its internal Sector Network “Environment and Rural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean” (GADeR-ALC) invites all its members, interested colleagues and persons linked to Startup Ecosystems to participate in an inspiring journey to learn from each other and thus advance together in the fulfillment of the SDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The program is free of charge.


Together we map the LATAM startup ecosystem and identify challenges

The program focuses on understanding the ecosystem of startups in Latin America, positioning GIZ vis-à-vis these actors, strengthening the link between them and GIZ, getting to know ecosystem mapping and activation formats, supporting the establishment of networks between ecosystem actors and GIZ, and initiate testing formats/pilot projects for ecosystem activation.


Work with International Experts to get ready for the future

DEEPSEA Startup Ecosystem accelerator is an established format to help startup ecosystem builders, no matter if experienced or new to the field, to learn about the core concepts of the startup world, explore the latest trends in ecosystem building and initiate own projects.

The facilitators and speakers bring experience from LATAM and global innovation ecosystems and focus on initiating a peer learning experience where everyone can share their insights and learnings. Throughout the 3 week program two facilitators are always available for questions and to support the group work of the participating teams. In three workshops external speakers will cover insights from Latin American countries as well as the perspectives from investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers in the region.


Who can apply?

We invite people from all over Latin-American that are:

– Working for GIZ and are interested in the dynamics of local or regional startup ecosystems; or

– Consider themselves a relevant actor of a local or regional startup ecosystem and want to connect with GIZ; and

– People interested in the dynamics of startup ecosystems in LATAM in general.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible, as we process applications on a first qualified, first accepted basis until 5th October.

Build Transnational Ecosystems Together

Skill Building

Access to Knowledge Hub and Live Expert Sessions

Browse >20h video sessions

Complete 4 extensive learning tracks




Project Work

2-day collaborative Bootcamp with expert facilitators (total of 8h)

Collaborative ideation process to create new (trans)national projects

Final presentation workshop

International Community

1:1 meetings between all participants

Weekly sessions & direct access to our experts

Invitation of international ecosystem builders to inspire participants and foster collaboration

DEEPSEA Timeline

All teaching materials are in English, but the online sessions will be held in Spanish

Week 1

7 October 2020

CEST: 16-19 PM
LA PAZ: 10 AM-13 PM

Kick-Off Workshop with
International Experts

Week 2

15-16 October 2020

CEST: 16-20 PM
LA PAZ: 10 AM-14 PM

2-Day Bootcamp

Week 3

23 October 2020

CEST: 16-18 PM
LA PAZ: 10 AM-12 PM

Final Presentations


Igor Oliveira

UN consultant on ecosystem modelling,
former Managing Director of Semente (Brazil)

Igor founded the innovation company Semente in Brazil, where he designed and managed acceleration programmes sponsored by corporates, governments and private foundations. With his investments he managed to successfully exit two early stage startups in the field of agritech and retail tech.

Sebastián Díaz Mesa

Startup Heatmap Europe Team member and
former CEO Start-up Chile

As CEO of Start-Up Chile, the largest and most diverse startup accelerator in the globe, Sebastián worked with more than 1,000 tech-based startups and founders from many industries and countries. He is a world-wide respected consultant to governments and industry on ecosystem development.


Claudia Pompa

Founder and Managing Director at Consulting for Growth Group (C4G)

Claudia has more than 16 years of experience as an international development consultant and technical adviser, working extensively in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Her work has involved designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating multi-million-dollar development programmes, particularly focused on entrepreneurship and business development, across several government and non-governmental organizations.


Co-founder and CEO of Ichthion, as well as Co-founder and President of Circular Foundation in Ecuador

Inty is the co-founder and CEO of Ichthion, an award-winning start-up in the United Kingdom. The aim of this company is the development of disruptive technologies to extract plastics and synthetic waste from rivers and oceans. Inty is also the President and co-founder of the Circular foundation in Ecuador, an NGO with the goal of improving the life of vulnerable social groups through technology and innovation, while contributing to the protection of the environment.

Laís de Oliveira

 Community Development Consultant at Startup Genome

Entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in community building, Lais led the development of entrepreneurial communities across every continent. From leading 2000 volunteers across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as the president of a non-profit organization, to selecting and training community leaders across Latam, Africa, APAC for Startup Grind and, finally, developing evidence-based ideas to accelerate economic growth through startup communities, working for governments and innovation agencies in 75+ ecosystems as part of Startup Genome’s executive team.

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