Deepsea East Africa 2020

Connecting to grow the East African Ecosystem  


Deadline: 19th October

East African Startup ECOSYSTEM Accelerator 

The Kampala Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Project, coordinated by Swisscontact and implemented by a local partner Amarin Financial Group, is undertaking the program for the East African region as a means to begin to create synergies, learnings, technology transfer in the East African region and pool resources for a larger home region.  We would like Entrepreneurial Ecosystems where ecosystem enabling and ESOs collaborate effectively, grow faster and stronger and provide better services for entrepreneurs.

Together we map the East African startup ecosystem and identify challenges

The program focuses on understanding the ecosystem of startups in East Africa, particularly Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, strengthening the link between them, getting to know ecosystem mapping and activation formats, supporting the establishment of networks between ecosystem actors, and initiate testing formats/pilot projects for ecosystem activation.


Global Perspectives and a Diverse Team

The ecosystem builders of the Kampala Project together with the DEEPSEA team have created a unique program bringing together local insights with international experiences. The DEEPSEA East Africa program combines insights from African, Latin America and European ecosystem experiences and focuses on peer learning among community builders. The unique strength of the program is, that there is no “teacher” in the room, but professionals pool their insights to attack commonly identified challenges.

Work with International Experts to get ready for the future

DEEPSEA Startup Ecosystem accelerator is an established format to help startup ecosystem builders, no matter if experienced or new to the field, to learn about the core concepts of the startup world, explore the latest trends in ecosystem building and initiate own projects.

The facilitators and speakers bring experience from East Africa and global innovation ecosystems and focus on initiating a peer learning experience where everyone can share their insights and learnings. Throughout the 4 week program two facilitators are always available for questions and to support the group work of the participating teams.

Benefits of the Ecosystem Accelerator Program:

  • Determine the dynamics in their ecosystem
  • Learn different models on how to view, manage and lead complex systems
  • Find the right purpose for their ecosystem
  • Identify the stakeholders to support the purpose
  • Derive strategies for implementing the project and execute it;
  • Drive internationalization of their ecosystem;
  • Connect with like-minded people, build meaningful deep relationships with peer ecosystem builders and extend the global network

Who can apply?

We invite people from all over East Africa who are:

  • Working for East African and are interested in the dynamics of local or regional startup ecosystems
  • People interested in the dynamics of startup ecosystems in East Africa in general

Get Your Ticket

The admission fee is 50 USD / person

Please read through the Terms and Conditions and sign-up for the program

Build Transnational Ecosystems Together

Skill Building

Access to Knowledge Hub and Live Expert Sessions

Browse >20h video sessions

Complete 4 extensive learning tracks




Project Work

2-day collaborative Bootcamp with expert facilitators (total of 9h)

3 live workshops with expert trainers, covering skills needed to advance your ecosystems

Collaborative ideation process to create new (trans)national projects

Pitch training and Final presentation workshop

International Community

1:1 meetings between all participants

Weekly sessions & direct access to our experts

Invitation of international ecosystem builders to inspire participants and foster collaboration

DEEPSEA Timeline

Week 1

21-22 October 2020

CEST: 1pm
EAT: 2pm

2-Day Bootcamp

Week 2

28 October 2020

CEST: 12pm
EAT: 2pm

Ecosystem Thinking & the minimum viable ecosystem

29 October 2020

CEST: 12pm
EAT: 2pm

Ecosystem Narratives & Branding

Week 3

4 November 2020

CEST: 12pm
 EAT: 2pm


Week 4

12 November 2020

CEST: 1.30pm
EAT: 3.30pm

Presentation of your projects


Serghei Glinca

Serghei Glinca

Head of DEEPSEA Startup Ecosystem Accelerator and founder of BioTech startup CrystalsFirst

Serghei is leading the DEEPSEA Startup Ecosystem Accelerator and an entrepreneur himself – he co-founded the German Biotech company CrystalFirst.

Sebastián Díaz Mesa

Sebastián Díaz Mesa

Startup Heatmap Europe Team member and former CEO Start-up Chile

As CEO of Start-Up Chile, Sebastián worked with more than 1,000 tech-based startups and founders from many industries and countries. He is a world-wide respected consultant to governments and industry on ecosystem development.

Erica Santini

Erica Santini

Head of Research of European Startup Initiative and Lecturer at University of Trento

Erica (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Florence, 2016) is Lecturer of Management at the University of Trento. Her research focuses on innovation, entrepreneurial ecosystems, servitization strategies, product- service innovation and digitalization of manufacturing.


Khatuchi Khasandi

Khatuchi Khasandi

Program Manager at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Khatuchi is a Program Manager at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) East Africa Chapter. In this capacity, she provides oversight to all the chapter’s Programs . Khatuchi also oversees ANDE’s activities in Tanzania and Uganda. Prior to joining ANDE, she worked with INGOs in both Kenya and Uganda.


Aneth Batamuliza

Aneth Batamuliza

Hub Network Community Manager at Make-IT in Africa

Aneth is a Hub Network Community Manager at Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative ‘Make-IT in Africa’ implemented by GIZ.  Aneth is passionate about entrepreneurship and ecosystem building having been involved in various entrepreneurship projects.  Previously, Aneth led the Reach for Change incubator program in Rwanda. For the past 3 years, Aneth has supported the 2nd year seminar course as a teaching assistant at Carnegie Mellon University Africa.



Erin Henderson Ouzts

Erin Henderson Ouzts

Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem Director for Ten at the Top

Erin works regularly to support entrepreneurship in the Upstate, both as Director of the VentureSouth Spartanburg angel investor group and as the leader of the Economic and Entrepreneurial Vitality focus area for Ten at the Top.


Eric Weissmann

Eric Weissmann

Vice President at Cintrifuse

Eric is part of the founding team at Cintrifuse. His background combines corporate marketing for one of the world’s most-beloved brands (the Walt Disney Company) with the hand-to-hand combat that comes with being on the leadership team of several productive small businesses.

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