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Funding data and any possible statistic on Madrid startups and the local ecosystem. See how the local ecosystem scores against the European competition of startup hubs in the statistics below. If you have your own startup company find funding calls and accelerator programs to apply to, see statistics on previous participants of these programs. You can see the statistics on total investment raised, female founders or foreign-born and migrant founders in this tech hub.

All of the data is curated by the DEEP research team and comes from 1st party sources like the Annual Startup Heatmap Survey or our monitor for job creation, news mentions and female founders. Other data comes from 3rd party sources like Dealroom, Crunchbase or Stackoverflow.

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Cabify, one of Spain’s leading unicorn companies, based in Madrid, started as a small startup but in a short time has registered enormous growth. The mobility technology platform, already operates in 12 countries and serves more than 65,000 businesses. It became an unicorn in 2018 and has a market valuation of $1.4 billion.

Idealista Logo


Idealista is a famous real estate portal born in Madrid. This Spanish company was founded in 2000 and offers the option to search for real estate through the Internet for European countries such as Italy, Portugal and of course Spain.

In 2015, Idealista was acquired almost 80% by the company Apax, with an overall valuation of 273 million euros. Subsequently, in 2020 on the fifth anniversary of this transaction, the Swedish fund EQT signs an agreement with Apax Partners buying the shares of Idealista for a figure that puts the company at a valuation of €1,321 million.

This is the largest sale of an Internet portal created and managed in Spain to date.

Allfunds logo


Founded in 2000 in Madrid as a bank. Today, Allfunds is one of the world’s leading wealthtech companies whose service offering includes big data and analytics, portfolio tools and reporting, research and regulatory services. Allfunds currently has the largest fund distribution network in the world and offers access to the largest network of mutual funds and ETFs globally.

In its growth and development, Italy’s Sanpaolo acquired 50% in 2003 for its international expansion. In 2017, Hellman & Friedman and GIC take over the entire company. In 2019, Allfunds and BNP Paribas partner to create one of the world’s largest fund and technology platforms.

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